Together for Adoption Audio

As many of you know, this past weekend Christ Community Church of Franklin, TN hosted the annual Together for Adoption Conference. What a wonderful weekend it was in bringing notice to the cause of the orphans around this world. If you were unable to make it to the conference, they have now made the audio from the large group speakers available to all. You can click on the following link: Together for Adoption Messages, and chose which message you would like to listen to. Make each message enrich your life, bring you closer to our Lord, and touch your heart for the last and least of this world. God bless.


Orphan Sunday 11.8.2009

Many churches and organizations have hosted “Orphan Sundays” over the years.  With a nationwide Orphan Sunday, the Christian Alliance for Orphans and the Cry of the Orphan partners seek to add a unified voice and coordinated effort to the many worthy efforts that preceded this year.
The seeds of this united Orphan Sunday come especially as a gift from the Church in Africa.  While attending a church service in Zambia, an American visitor was struck by the pastor's passionate call to care for orphans in the local community, which had been ravaged by AIDS and poverty.  Members of the church faced deep need themselves.  But as the service ended, one after another stepped forward with money, food and other goods-some even taking off their own shoes and placing them in the offering for orphans.
The visitor, Gary Schneider, was so impacted that he began to help Zambian leaders coordinate Orphan Sunday efforts across Zambia.  These efforts spread to the U.S. in 2003 with help from Every Orphan's Hope and other organizations.  (Orphan Sunday is licensed to the Christian Alliance for Orphans as a registered trademark of Every Orphan's Hope).
The Christian Alliance for Orphans honors the church in Zambia for the gift of Orphan Sunday.  We pray the Church in America may be as faithful to reflect God's heart for the orphan, both near and far.


Together for Adoption Conference 2009

Coming to Franklin, TN in October of 2009: www.togetherforadoption.org. If you are thinking of, in the middle of, or on the home side of adoption this is a conference for you. Full of great speakers and powerful breakout groups. Cannot wait to see you all there.